Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm super busy these days

I'm blogging from Tawau airport..will depart back to KLIA in an hour time. That means..I have time to blog! I have been here  for 4 days attending a seminar. Pheww.. i really am super busy these days with workload and my active 8-month old baby. I have many stories to tell here, but I guess it much been easier if i let the pictures tell the story.

 Brought muneef to swimming pool at 7 months and 2 days old

 Nature time for muneef

My active boy will be quiet everytime we placed him in his car seat.

His favourite sleeping position

His second flight trip from Kelantan to KL. I'm carrying him alone with Bjorn style carrier

 On the way to Muar

He can crawl already and I'm quite sad coz he has already can depend on himself :( Anak mummy dah independant dah.

Ok..that's all for now..


  1. owh bby muneef comel.. pn ernie bwkla die men ngan ktorg...

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