Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby Food- Homemade Porridge

My baby is about to turn to 7 months old in a week time. He has been fed with scheduled solid food for 3 weeks. This is his feeding schedule so far:

10.00 am – Cereal (Nestle Gold Apple& Cranberry/ Nestle Brown Rice)
2.30 pm – Fruits/Vegetable puree (Heinz baby food, Petit baby food, homemade puree)
7.00 pm – Farley’s biscuits/ Yogurt

To varietize his food, my husband made his version of baby porridge to be given at 10.00 am. My baby loves it very much, and ate it more than usual.

This is the recipe he made.

Ikan bilis

1. Potong kecil carrot and chicken, then rebus.
2. Fry ikan bilis, then blend in the blender.
 Fried ikan bilis

3. Blend rice, carrot, chicken altogether in the blender.
4. Rebuskan semua dalam periuk sampai masak (boiling)
5. Add a small amount (about half spoon) of marmite-to make the porridge salty.
6. Leave it to warm-Serve

Simple, kan?

It makes into 3 bowls. Muneef ate a bowl and the lefovers are kept in the freezer.

Two bowls of homemade porridge

 The leftovers

Sedap la abah. TQ

Abah, nanti buat lagi, ok?

Monday, March 8, 2010

My weekday schedule

Being a working mom is quite challenging, especially if you don’t have a maid to take care of your house, plus your jobs sometimes acquire you to travel around during weekends, plus your workplace is miles away from your parents and in-laws. My job do suck almost all my energy, and left me draining at the end of the week. Being far away from your family sometimes acquires you to travel back home during weekends, and i have to do all house chores during weekdays.

This is my weekday schedule, all the must-thing to do during weekdays.

6.30 am – 7.45 am – bangun, mandi, sembahyang, iron baju, kejut Muneef

7.45 am -8.00 am – hantar Muneef kat rumah babysitter, pergi kerja

8.00 am – 1.00 pm- meeting/masuk ladang/kerja lab (10.30 am-11.00 am – makan pagi & tengahari)

1.00 pm- 2.00 pm – ambil Muneef, balik rumah, main-main dengan Muneef, sembahyang, mandi (kalau kerja kat ladang)

2.00 pm- 5.00 pm – meeting/kerja administration/masuk ladang/kerja lab

5.00 pm-5.30 pm- siap-siap nak balik kerja, ambil Muneef umah babysitter

5.30 pm – 6.30 pm – layan Muneef (bapak die main pingpong kat pejabat)

6.30 pm- 7.30 pm- kemas umah, angkat baju, basuh baju, sidai baju (masa ni my husband bagi makan Muneef), masak/kadang-kadang makan kat luar

7.30 pm- 8.30 pm- mandi, mandikan Muneef, sembahyang

8.30 pm-10.30 pm- sembahyang, cuci dapur (kalau masak) cuci & sterile botol2 susu Muneef, lipat baju, iron baju (kadang-kadang iron esok pagi), layan Muneef

10.30 pm -12.00 am- try tidurkan Muneef, susah tau si Muneef ni nak tido-sekarang dah makin aktif

12.00 am -6.30 am Muneef bangun every 3 hours (2 times per night)

I am trying to find the time (and energy) to focus on other things, such as finishing the books i read since 6 months ago, and have more rest time!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Weaning Time!!

He's getting his 6 months injection today..

and ..

it's time to give him scheduled solid foods!!:))