Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby in Walker

I know nowadays there are contoverises over babies in walker. Many studies suggest that walkers are not safe for babies. I even made up my mind not to buy Muneef a walker. However, at 4 months, he started to show signs of walking, and is active ever since. He don't want to sit or lay down, (unless at sleep and feeding time of course). It continues for 2 weeks until I decided that maybe it is best to try the walker.

I know he's still young at that time, but he seems very happy. He look like an expert, and i cant believe that he actually knows how to move his leg muscles. However as a precaution, we always keep an eye of him while in walker and only use it for short periods of time.

This is picture of Muneef, at 5 half months.
Yay, naik walker


Jom jalan

I didn't forget to teach him to crawl. So far my baby dah meniarap, hope he will start crawling soon.


  1. I never allow my kids walk with walker. They are free to move. That's why my kids can crawl very soon. Mann can crawl by 6 mths old. Now 8 mths can "cruising"! Just need to have an eye on them.
    The walker that my aunt gave, i use it as a seat for her when i fed her solid.

  2. Good to hear that!! My son just turning 6 months old, hope he will start crawling like your Mann. Im trying to limit his time in the walker, he seem very happy whenever he got his time with his walker