Thursday, January 14, 2010


At 4 months old, my son has started to show the sign of teething.

Excessive drooling

Chewing on everything into his mouth

He also gets cranky sometimes and started to wake up in the middle of the night. To help him soothe his pain, I bought him a few teethers.

Being a mom in Jerantut which offers limited baby shops, I opted to online baby shops (except for Anakku range coz Jerantut has one). Most of the baby items I bought are from, and The Lil Caliph.

There are many range of teether available in the market, such as the silicone teether, water or gel-filled teether, hard texture teether, vibrating teether, chill-able teether and so on.

I’ve tried a few on Muneef, including:

MAM Bite and Brush

Phillips Avent Classic Stage 1 Front Teether

Phillips Avent: Animal Stage 1 Front Teether

I also bought Fisher Price Penguin Teether, Anakku Silicone Teether, Pureen Teether and also MAM My First Teething Cloth.

Muneef teether collection

So far, the best one for my little 4 months old is MAM Bite and Brush. Unfortunately we left the teether at my MIL’s house at USJ, no pictures Munef chewing on it though. So currently the next better teether he loves is Anakku silicone teether. I guess he loves them because of their slim size which makes it easy for him to bite on.

Muneef with Anakku silicone teether

Avent Classic teether is also a slim teether but the texture is quite hard. Since he is at the first teething stage, it is still not suitable for him yet.

Muneef with his Avent Classic teether

Other teethers are quite big and still not suitable for his little mouth. Maybe he can use them when he turns 6 months plus.

For now, he's happy with Anakku.