Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1st September 2009

My son was born at 2.30 am 1st September 2009…If he was to born 3 hours earlier, he could have been a "Merdeka Baby".. and he might make the news, like we did.


mStar Online : Penyatuan atas keikhlasan, ADUN PAS dan Umno berbesan

Sorry but I don’t fancy being in the news. So does what I felt about my son. When Dr Lily of the Kota Bharu Medical Centre asked me to choose whether I want to be induced on the night of 30 August or in the morning of 31 August, of course I choose the latter hope that he will pop out on 1st September.

Muneef right after he was born

Muneef on his 1st day

Muneef on his 2nd day

Futhermore, I prefer the month of September, so that we can share the birthday month together.. and of course, it is easier to remember his IC number, which started with 090901.

1st September is definitely a miracle day